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Change Management


People within an organization face changes daily; new processes or policies, new technologies, new service/product offerings, and even organizational changes. The key to keeping employees informed and productive is to provide them with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to be successful.

An effective change management program accomplishes the following:

People react to change in different ways. Some adjust easily while most need a great deal of support. A basic tenet in helping an organization through change is to understand the stages that people go through. The following lists the stages that users go through during the change process:

Stages of Change

Fear and Resistance

Initially, people realize their current way of working will change and that a great deal of effort will be required to be successful. People may even try to convince their peers and management that change is not necessary.


Once people realize they have no control over the upcoming change, they become curious about what it means for them. They will ask questions such as “How will this improve things for me?”, “What do I need to do to prepare?”, “Why are we doing this?” “How will this impact our customers?” In addition to communicating a clear vision and consistent messages to the organization, questions must be answered with honesty and candor.

Emotional Acceptance

This is the most critical stage in the change process. If management succeeds in demonstrating the importance of shifting behaviors and beliefs, constituents will be able to visualize the benefits derived from the change. If management is not successful, the entire change process can be compromised.

Learning and Practice

Once people are ready to accept new behaviors, guidelines, or tools, they must be properly trained and skilled. People will experience success and failure along the way. Allowances for mistakes and learning opportunities must be provided. An effective change management program provides ongoing learning and support mechanisms to ensure success.


After much practice and patience, people are ready to integrate their newly acquired patterns of thinking and acting. The new behaviors become second nature and, as a result, the company evolves into a more efficient and profitable organization.



Evolve’s change management services help organizations during the change process in the following ways:


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