Evolve Solutions, LLC
Melrose, MA 02176
P 781.661.4005
Email: info@evolvesolutionsllc.com

Methodology & Approach

Evolve delivers all project using a proven methodology based on best practices and extensive experience.

Assess & Define

During the Assess phase, Evolve works with its clients to evaluate the current situation, determine the impact of change on the people within the organization, and define resource requirements. Evolve partners closely with its clients to ensure there is a thorough understanding of the organization, issues, and expectations for the program.

During the Define phase, Evolve consultants determine the action plan for improving the current situation. If there are inefficiencies within the processes, they are identified and customized solutions are recommended. At this point, a project plan for the entire program is created so that clients understand each activity, risk, timeline for completion, and who is responsible for delivering various components of the program.


Once the strategy is defined and the client has agreed to the current state, Evolve will design the solution. Whether itís designing training curriculum, mapping new business processes, planning for a full scale change management program, or a combination of the three, Evolve works closely with its clients to ensure the solution is a best fit for the organization. At regular, specified points in the process, Evolve consultants “check in” with the client to validate ideas and ensure expectations are being met.


Once the solution is defined, Evolve works closely with our client to make it a reality. Evolve’s methodology provides a variety of customizable templates to ensure the efficient and consistent development of deliverables.


Depending on the solution, a program pilot may be necessary. For example, if a client wants to roll out new processes to the entire organization, Evolve may recommend starting with one division to determine how effective the program is and to understand how it might be improved upon. After the pilot, the program can be modified to ensure wider success.


Evolve consultants work with clients to deliver the customized program. If a client wishes to deliver a solution, consultants are available to ensure a smooth transition.


Many consulting companies believe that once a solution is delivered, their job is done. Evolve; however, provides post-delivery support to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Whether our clients need help supporting new users after an enterprise application roll-out or measuring the effectiveness of new processes, Evolve consultants work closely with clients to ensure the success and longevity of the new solution.

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